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About me

  Narciso González Narciso González Ramírez from San Antonio Arrazola, Xoxocotlán Oaxaca, is an experience woodcarver creating alebrijes for more than twenty years.

He and his wife, Rubí González, are know as ones of the best Alebrijes makers from Oaxaca and possible from the best ones of the world. Customers around the world are satisfied with their fine work with wood and paint.

Some of their art are in display in New York. Other alebrijes pieces are know as far as japan.

  Painting detail With hundreds of pieces created, no one is identical to another. Each piece is unique so can't be a catalog or design to copy.

With the help of his wife, an alebrije can take days to months depending of the size. The artist can be contacted for more information about his work at the "Contact me" link.

  Alebrije at the Workshop.

Narciso González' Alebrijes
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